Signum® HP diamond
Signum® HP diamond

Signum® HP diamond



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  • Signum® liquid

    Signum® liquid

    Processing aid for modelling and reproducing the dispersion layer by Signum composite, martrix and Signum ceramis.

  • Signum® connector

    Signum® connector

    Our light-curing Signum connector adhesion promoter provides a secure bond between prosthetic acrylics and light-curing veneering materials.

  • Signum® toolkit / Refill Orders

    Signum® toolkit / Refill Orders

    The Signum toolkit contains specialised rotary instruments for machining and polishing composite materials.

  • Signum® HP paste Stick

    Signum® HP paste Stick

    Our Signum HP paste is a polycrystalline paste in stick form for effectively polishing composite materials.

  • New

    Signum® insulating gel

    Signum® insulating gel

    Signum insulating gel is an insulating gel that can be used anywhere.