3D-printing materials

3D-printing materials

dima Print: 3D-Printing resins developed for individual requirements

The 3D-printing pro Solution has been optimized for reliable results with every dima Print material. Kulzer combined its longstanding dental materials expertise with deep knowledge of 3D printing to offer resins that are a perfect match for the 3D-printing process and the specific requirements of each dental application – for optimal results every time.

Offered by Kulzer, a recognized expert in dental technologies and materials, the resins of the dima Print brand cover many dental applications, such as: models (for general use, orthodontics and high aesthetics), gingiva masks, splints, cad-to-cast, custom impression trays, surgical drilling guides and mouth guards for athletes.

Benefits in brief:

  • Broad variety of applications
  • Ideal properties for each dental application
  • Tested by dental application experts at Kulzer

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